Moderated Usenet Newsgroups


All articles posted to this group will first be sent to a moderator that will only let the message pass to the Newsgroup if it doesn't violate the newsgroup charter. In a moderated newsgroup, the usenet server software automatically sends an email to the moderation address where there moderators can act as a gatekeeper, posting to the newsgroup only messAges which the moderator will allow to be posted. The basis of this method is the consent of the users of Usenet newsgroups to vote on the charters and moderators. A moderated Usenet newsgroup is created by the RFD/CFV (RFD: Request for Discussion, CFV: Call for Votes) process which is used to create or modify other newsgroups, with the difference that the RFDand CFV will include language specifying moderators and the moderation policy. All moderated groups are generally handled in the same fashion by the usenet server software, regardless of the newsgroup hierarchy.