Available Newsreaders


What is a Usenet Newsreader?

In order to access the thousands of Newsgroups available on Usenet, a good Newsreader is necessary to navigate. A good Newsreader makes it easy to subscribe to and organize various newsgroups easily. A stand-alone newsreader allows the user to easily navigate through the messages of Newsgroups to easily track the trail of messages that are posted on any given subject.

Nowadays, Newsreaders go far and beyond the basics of reading through messages, allowing more complex functions such as doing real-time searches throughout the thousands of newsgroups by a particular keyword - as well as combining messages in order to obtain the files that are posted. Below is a list of Newsreaders that have been assembled by popularity and the platforms they support.

With your Newsdemon account, you will need a Newsreader to access the thousands of Uncensored Newsgroups that Usenet provides. Here are some popular Newsreader choices:

Newsreader Windows Vista Windows XP OS X/MAC LINUX

Newsbin Pro
One of the most popular Newsreaders for Windows users. Offers superb stability and a variety of features such as thumbnail view of images downloaded and built in PAR/RAR functions. Trial Ware - $20.00 for a Lifetime Account. Newsbin Pro Tutorial

Newsleecher is a combination of many features and functions. Built in search is additional. Share Ware $19.99 per year, or $29.99 per year with built in search. Windows only. Newsleecher Tutorial

Forte Agent
Forte Agent lays claim to being one of the first Newsreaders in existence. Many functions and features are minimal, but it also makes the program light and compact. Share Ware - $29.99 per version.

Shemes Grabit
Free Newsreader with limited functionality. Good for those that wish not to search through newsgroups, rather load files that prompt download. Free Ware


All purpose BinBot Newsreader captivates attention as a newer newsreader that not only encompass many of the features of the newsreaders above, but also expands its usability on both Linux and OSX platforms. Share Ware $19.95 per full version.

This Newsreader from MAC is easily the most popular Newsreader for its platform. Offers a variety of features including a favorites drawer, multiple accounts, download manager and more. Share Ware - $24.95 per full version.

Free Linux based Newsreader recommended for advanced users. The Newsreader is not as fluent as some other newsreaders, but is stable and a popular favorite for Linux users on Usenet.

Pan is also a fairly newer Newsreader comparative to the mix and also offers multi-platform support. Pan is easy to use and offers features such as task automations, decoding, and search by keywords.