News Servers (Newsservers)


News Servers are computers designated to store information on usenet newsgroups making usenet access possible. More specifically, there are a few types of newsservers that make the usenet newsgroup system work. The first is the "Transit Server" which typically uses the NNTP protocols to exchange information continuously over "always-on" connections. The transit news servers are responsible for the transfer process of articles on usenet newsgroups. News servers responsible for making articles available in various newsgroups in a format that newsreader software can understand are called Reader Servers. These news servers also create the hierarchical directory structure found on newsgroups today, which makes usenet access to all your favorite newsgrups so much easier! The last type of newsservers is the Hybrid Server, which is usually reserved for smaller sites with limited bandwidth on their network. Hybrid News Servers also act as newsreaders, however, article headers within these types of servers are reformatted with the posting function and sometimes the tracing information associated with the newsgroup post can be lost.